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Data analysis

The Division of Data Analysis is oriented to modelling and application of modern information technologies in analysis of extensive and complex data sets. In particular, the research within the division is focused on:

  • Environmental and ecological data - this area includes analysis of biodiversity, data analysis of networks for biological and chemical monitoring including development of ecological conditions assessment models, spatial models and human and ecological risk assessment.
  • Clinical data, especially data from clinical registries, where the division ensures a complex data processing from descriptive statistical analysis to risk factor assessment and multidimensional prognostic models. The assessment of epidemiology of serious diseases and related human and ecological risk assessment constitute a separate scope of activities.
  • Modern methods of data analysis such as multidimensional data analysis, modelling, data and knowledge mining with the application on biological and clinical data.

The Division of Data Analysis provides its partners services from data collection and analysis over reporting and presentation to cooperation in scientific publications. In accordance with its Programme Declaration, IBA FM MU focuses particularly (but not exclusively) on processing data from clinical research, biology, and environmental sciences.

IBA FM MU further ensures a comprehensive system of teaching of applied data analysis for biological study programmes at the MU's Faculty of Science and for pregraduate and graduate study programmes at the MU's Faculty of Medicine. The teaching is organized within IBA FM MU cost centres, which operate in individual faculties.