11-13 September 2006

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Second International Summer School of Computational Biology: Summary

Already second International Summer School of Computational Biology (further only Summer School) was organized by Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University (IBA) in cooperation with Research Centre for Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of MU (RECETOX) and Jaroslav Hájek center for theoretical and applied statistics of MU. Summer School was aimed at methods of prediction modeling and using of information and communication technologies (ICT) in environmental sciences. (2nd International Summer School on Computational Biology - Predictive Modeling and ICT in environmental research; program attached at the end of article). Summer School was organized 11.-13. September 2006 in University Centre of Masaryk University in Šlapanice u Brna. The official language was English.

Main task of Summer School was to allow students of computational biology guaranteed by IBA to have a contact with important field where they can later build their careers. In regular study there is often no time for this kind of specific classwork and block lectures on summer school are very effective alternative to regular semester lessons.

There were 53 participants presented. 11 of them were lecturers. Organization was divided into two main topic blocks - am and pm lectures plus evening student presentations. This scenario gave opportunity for advanced students of postgradual or magister study to present and discuss results of their work. Topics were mainly aimed at students of following sections of PřF: computational biology, applied mathematics, ekotoxicology, natural environment chemistry.

Program covered broad spectrum of topics from experimental plans of environmental research through evaluation of ecological risks to application of modern mathematical and information steps in given area.

Status of Summer School was emphasized by presence of many important foreign lecturers. Some of them are in the long term participating in development of Mathematical Biology on MU. Mainly it is prof. Abdel El-Shaarawi (National Water Research Institute and McMaster University) from Canada. Prof. Shaarawi is president and founder of International environmetrics society and author of today already common term environmetric. Other important foreign lecturers were prof. Serge Morand (University of Montpellier) from France and prof. Michaela G. Schimek (Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation - Medical University of Graz) from Austria. Participating were of course also native lecturers prof. Lubomír Kubáček (Univerzita Palackého) from Olomouc and RNDr. Karel Charvát (Czech Centrum for Strategic Studies) from Prague and also lecturers from organizing MU like prof. Jiří Hřebíček (IBA), doc. Lubomír Popelínský (Faculty of Informatics MU), doc. Jan Žižka (IBA), Jiří Jarkovský (IBA) a doc. Ladislav Dušek (IBA).

Student presentations covered broad spectrum of topics ranging from data analysis in population biology of parasites (Pablo Morlacchi - University of Milano) to APC modeling in epidemiology of tumors (Eva Gelnarová - IBA). She also won the competition of student presentations.

According to feedback of participants Summer School fulfilled its objective and showed new paths hot to direct future professional career of students of Computational biology. Summer school strengthened international relations much needed by this new course of Faculty of Science. This way IBA is striving to build tradition of international summer schools of mathematical biology serving among other also as support of start of international doctorate study program in this field.

Garants of Computational Biology course, prof. Jiří Hřebiček and doc. Ladislav Dušek, announced at the end of summer school plan for the next school year when third international summer school aimed at the problematic of biodiversity and probably also international summer school aimed at Health Technology and Health Care Assessment should happen.

Selection from summer school program

Lecturer (department) Topic
Day 1: Methodological Concepts in Environmental Risk Assessment
Jarkovský, Dušek (IBA) Environmental and human risks assessment: methodology and contribution of modern ICT
El-Shaarawi Abdel (Canada) Design and data specification in environmental studies
Žižka Jan (IBA) Environmental data exploration with data mining techniques - a new challenge
Morand Serge (France) Risks affecting biodiversity
Day 2. Statistical Methods and Modeling
Kubáček Lubomír (Olomouc) Statistical methods in environmetrics
Schimek Michael G. (Austria) Regression modeling of environmental data
Hřebíček (IBA), Hejč (FI MU) Current trends in modeling with uncertainties
Popelínský Lubomír (FI MU) Geographic data mining
Day 3: ICT and Data Visualization in Environmental Risks Assessment
Hřebíček, Ráček (IBA) Service oriented information system
Jarkovský, Dušek, Ráček (IBA) Automated processing and visualization of data from environmental biomonitoring network: case study on freshwater ecosystems
Charvát Karel (Prague) Using principles of ambient mobile intelligence for environmental and epidemiological spatial data

Detailed materials about summer school 09/2006 including abstracts and presentation samples + materials and reviewed textbook of contributions from first summer school of mathematical biology 09/2005 is available.

Summer school was financed from resources of development project of mathematical biology, research program of RECETOX centre and partly sponsored by IBA.

IBA 2nd International summer school on COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY is organized by
Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Kamenice 126/3 Brno, Czech Republic, http://www.iba.muni.cz