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DBM Toolbox for Neuroimage Data

Author: Daniel Schwarz
Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Schwarz, D. DBM Toolbox for Neuroimage Data, version 1.1 [online]. 2012. Available from: http://www.iba.muni.cz/neuroimaging

DBM Toolbox provides algorithms for deformable image registration of 3-D magnetic resonance brain images. The algorithms were implemented as functions and scripts in MATLAB® environment. Some of the functions, which provide computationally intensive tasks, have been compiled into *.mexw64 files for 64 bit Windows operation systems.

documentation (PDF file, 75 kB)
source code (ZIP archive, 3.3 MB)

The toolbox was developed within the frame of the grant project Modern pattern recognition methods for image data analysis in neuropsychiatric research, supported by the Internal Grant Agency of the Czech Ministry of Health (project no. NS10347).