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Websites and portals ZDRAWEB

Project start Project start: 2017

Contracting authority Contracting authority: Faculty of Sports Studies of the Masaryk University

Health-oriented website, primarily intended for the general public.

The website has been designed to provide the general public with guaranteed health-oriented information about the basic anatomical locations, which are among the most common areas of clinical expression of pain in the locomotor system. It also provides basic general information about the possibilities of diagnosis and therapy of these problems, usually in the form of simple articles.

  • Expert guarantor: Radana Poděbradská, PhD (Division of Health Promotion, Faculty of Sports Studies of the Masaryk University)
  • Funding: The project was supported by the Faculty of Sports Studies of the Masaryk University. The project is registered with the identifier MUNI/51/02/2017.
  • Brief overview of results: you can find more detailed information – in Czech language only – on the website of the ZDRAWEB project