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Research groups at IBA FM MU Evaluation of Cancer Screening Programmes

Leader of the research group Leader of the research group: Ondřej Májek, Ph.D.

The group of Evaluation of Cancer Screening Programmes at the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University (IBA FM MU) processes and evaluates data from nationwide cancer screening programmes.

Leader of the research group:

Ondřej Májek, Ph.D.

Ondřej Májek, Ph.D.


Programmes aimed at early detection of malignant tumours rank among the top priorities concerning cancer control and management in the Czech Republic and Europe. According to the results of several epidemiological and clinical studies, screening programmes can effectively reduce mortality in three cancer diagnoses: breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancer. At the moment, all three evidence-based cancer screening programmes have been running in the Czech Republic, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council of the European Union. The systems for individual data collection and performance monitoring are implemented in accordance with international guidelines, as issued by the EU Commission.

Expert medical societies responsible for the management of screening and diagnosis of preventable malignant tumours (breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer) have agreed with the Czech Ministry of Health to appoint an academic institute responsible for data collection and performance monitoring of the screening programmes; this role has been attributed to IBA MU.

A system for information support is a vital element of organised screening programmes. The Czech system for information support facilitates effective configuration and monitoring of screening process and outcomes. Its components include monitoring of cancer epidemiology, performance monitoring of screening centres and monitoring of screening programme using administrative data. The following scheme shows these components with their sources of data and principal objectives:


List of projects

Breast Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

  • An organised screening programme for breast cancer was launched in September 2002. Since then, the programme has been supplemented with a performance monitoring system based on the collection and analysis of data from all screening and diagnostic examinations. The impact of the screening programme on breast cancer epidemiology has been obvious. Although incidence rates of breast cancer in the Czech Republic have steadily increased, a growing proportion of tumours is diagnosed in less advanced stages. The mortality rate has stabilised, and even a slight decrease has been observed recently. Values of early performance indicators are generally improving, and fulfil the targets set by European Guidelines. IBA MU ensures complex data support of this programme, including on-site implementation and evaluation of quality indicators and benchmarks.

Cervical Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

  • Since 2008, the opportunistic system of cervical cancer prevention has been gradually transformed into a nationwide cervical cancer screening programme. In January 2008, a network of accredited screening cytology centres was established. At the beginning of 2009, a data collection system run by IBA MU was launched. In 2011, the system was successfully adopted by all centres. An information system for the monitoring of internationally recommended performance indicators is currently being implemented.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

  • A nationwide colorectal cancer screening programme was launched in 2000 with the aim of performing faecal occult blood over a two-year interval. Commencing 2009, people aged over 55 years can opt for colonoscopy to be performed every 10 years as a screening test. In 2007, the monitoring of aggregated data by regional coordinators was replaced by individual online data collection systems. All centres coordinated by the Board of Colorectal Cancer Screening were granted access to the application. Relevant information on screening colonoscopy examinations performed by these centres is collected by IBA MU using an on-line available application.

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