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Research groups at IBA FM MU Cancer Epidemiology

Leader of the research group Leader of the research group: Jan Mužík, Ph.D.

The group of Cancer Epidemiology at the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University (IBA FM MU) evaluates long-term epidemiological data of all cancer types in the Czech Republic.

Leader of the research group:

Jan Mužík, Ph.D.

Jan Mužík, Ph.D.


Evaluation of cancer epidemiology is a very important activity of the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses. Cancer incidence rates are high in all economically developed countries, and the Czech Republic is no exception in this respect. In some cancer types, the Czech population even ranks among the most afflicted countries worldwide. Tens of thousands of new cancer patients are diagnosed in the Czech Republic each year, and there are hundreds of thousands of cancer patients who were diagnosed, treated and followed-up in previous years. Under these circumstances, the analysis of information on cancer patients is of strategic importance, and is a very important part of planning the costs of cancer care in the Czech Republic. Cancer epidemiology plays a key role in both retrospective and prospective analyses (let us mention Predictions of Cancer Burden, Health Technology Assessment and Evaluation of Cancer Screening Programmes, for example).

For this purpose, the Czech oncology is well equipped with unique, long-term, and population-based data on malignant tumours. A consolidated collection of demographic data is available in the Czech Republic, and the Czech National Cancer Registry (CNCR) has been maintained since 1976, covering 100% of all cancer diagnoses and the entire Czech population. The existence of data itself, albeit in high quality, is not enough. This data needs to be processed, analysed and adequately used.

The group of Cancer Epidemiology at the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses has rich experience with the evaluation of large datasets of epidemiological data. Its outputs are utilised by the Czech Society for Oncology, health care payers, and many other subjects.

Selected projects

System for Visualization of Oncology Data (SVOD)

  • This research project, which is run under the auspices of the Board of the Czech Society for Oncology, has led to the development of a comprehensive information portal focusing on cancer epidemiology in the Czech Republic. Its objective is to provide access to valuable data on Czech cancer patients to a wide spectrum of users from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad (for this reason, the portal has also its English version). The web portal represents a dynamic information platform, which is regularly updated and which lets the user perform a number of analyses according to their own choice. All analyses published this way contain safe and publishable data about the cancer epidemiology and do not contain any personal data of patients.


  • Detailed information regarding the epidemiology of urological malignancies, interactive software tools for both analysis and visualisation of epidemiological data. Users can examine epidemiological analyses of urological cancers on both regional and national level, and to make a comparison with international data.

Selected publications

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