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Grant projects Parametric monitoring of TME quality as a tool to reduce local recurrences after surgery for rectal cancer

Coordinator Coordinator: Blaha Milan

Duration Duration: 2012–2015

The parametric monitoring was aimed to increase the quality of surgical treatment and, as a result, to decrease the number of local recurrences after rectal cancer surgeries.

Extent of the tumour and its complete surgical removal are major prognostic factors in rectal cancer treatment. The number of postoperative local recurrences depends on the completeness and quality of mesorectal excision – TME (total mesorectal excision), and on the presence of tumour-free resection margins. This multicentre prospective study monitored the quality of TME in relation to cancer treatment results. Analysis was performed to identify critical spots and to propose adequate measures.

  • Expert guarantors: Prof Jiri Hoch, MD, PhD; Prof Ales Ryska, MD, PhD; Prof Alexander Ferko, MD, PhD
  • Funding: The project was supported by the Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (IGA) within the programme “ Departmental Programme of Research and Development – MH III from 2010 to 2015”. The project is registered with the identifier NT13726.
  • Partners: six large hospitals from across the Czech Republic
  • Brief overview of results: you can find more detailed information – in Czech language only – in the VaVaI information system