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Grant projects Integrative development of a multimodal score for risk of relapse estimation of breast cancer patients

Coordinator Coordinator: Popovici Vlad

Duration Duration: 2013–2015

Development of a combined (image and genomic) prognostic score for breast cancer and methods for the analysis of histopathology images – either separately or in combination with molecular data.

We developed a framework for integrating the histopathology images in the biomarker discovery workflow based on the bag-of-features approach – a method that has the advantage of being assumption-free and data-driven. The images were reduced to a set of salient patterns and additional measurements of their spatial distribution, with the resulting features being directly used in a standard biomarker discovery application. We demonstrated this framework in a search for prognostic biomarkers in breast cancer which resulted in the identification of several prognostic image features and a promising multimodal (imaging and genomic) prognostic signature. The source code for the image analysis procedures is freely available.

  • Funding: The project was supported by the Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (IGA) within the programme “ Departmental Programme of Research and Development – MH III from 2010 to 2015”. The project is registered with the identifier NT14134.
  • Brief overview of results: you can find more detailed information – in Czech language only – in the VaVaI information system