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Grant projects Research of methods for the standardisation of health care focused on the development of the National Set of Clinical Standards and Healthcare Indicators

Coordinator Coordinator: Dušek Ladislav

Duration Duration: 2009–2010

The National Set of Clinical Standards and Healthcare Indicators was developed with the aim to create a nationwide and standardised tool for further improvements in healthcare quality, which would be based on scientifically established clinical recommendations, the effect of which can be measured using specific quality indicators.

The standards and indicators of healthcare quality are the usual tools for improvement. Extensive sets of indicators have been developed in many countries worldwide, typically by teams of experts according to specific methodology in a so-called “life cycle”, which ensures their continual update. Several methodology-aimed projects focused on the development of indicators have been realised in the Czech Republic, which laid the foundation for NSHI, as published in the National Set of Healthcare Indicators Catalogue.

  • National Set of Healthcare Indicators (NSHI) is a set of indicators that have successfully passed through all developmental stages, were favourably assessed by the expert panel and recommended for practical use. The assessment has been performed on the basis of statistical processing of specific indicators, and on the basis of the expert panel opinion. Four basic aspects of the indicator validity are assessed: importance in clinical practice, feasibility, scientific acceptability, and the usefulness of each respective indicator in healthcare quality enhancement.
  • National Set of Healthcare Indicators Catalogue is a list and description of all indicators that have been proposed and have continuously passed through the life cycle of indicator development. The list and description of indicators involved in NSHI constitutes a specific chapter of the Catalogue, which is intended for the general public.

The methodology of the life cycle of indicator development suggests, tests, assesses, and selects indicators which, in the end of the cycle, are recommended for use in practice and to be made open to the public. The cycle is shown in the diagram below, together with the cycle of healthcare standards development.

Project outcomes involve summaries and sets of national methodologies for a common development of standards, quality indicators and their implementation into practice. The methodologies have been verified by the development of 25 clinical standards, supplemented by indicators.

  • Funding: The project was supported by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic within the programme “Departmental Programme of Research and Development – MH II from 2008 to 2011”. The project is registered with the identifier NS10650.
  • Brief overview of results: you can find more detailed information – in Czech language only – in the VaVaI information system
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