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Grant projects NEUROMINER

Coordinator Coordinator: Schwarz Daniel

Duration Duration: 2017–2020

Revealing hidden patterns in data from brain imaging.

Recent technological developments in biomedical research have made it possible to examine biological processes in living organisms at different resolutions and from different points of view. While the amount of produced data has been growing dramatically over the years, the pace of acquired knowledge has been lagging behind, pointing out the inability of current computational tools to extract knowledge from a large amount of noisy data. The NEUROMINER project will provide framework for machine learning and mining from image data, with a particular emphasis on neuroscience research. The three main axes of the project correspond to problems that have not been solved yet:

  1. extraction and selection of features with a strong discriminatory ability from multidimensional data,
  2. non-overlearned systems learning from multidimensional data,
  3. a robust procedure for statistical validations of models.

Project investigators are experts in processing and analysis of medical images, biostatistics and machine learning.

  • Funding: The project has been supported by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic within the programme “Programme for the Support Medical Applied Research in 2015–2022”. The project is registered with the identifier 17-33136A.