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Grant projects Indicators of EMS efficiency according to NACE

Coordinator Coordinator: Hřebíček Jiří

Duration Duration: 2007–2010

Contracting authority Contracting authority: Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

Design of new indicators for efficiency monitoring of environmental management systems, as well as system reporting, assessing the relations among the environment, economy and society.

The aim of this project was to research how the environment can be monitored continuously and exactly with respect to NACE, to find relations between the environment, economy and society and to transform these relations into respective indicators for environmental (“corporate”) reporting and EMAS annual reports. This was achieved by meeting the following objectives:

  1. Analysis of important branches of economic activity in the Czech Republic was performed, and the current state of environment development was identified, as well as the relations between environment, economy and society with respect to the established EMS and EMAS systems. Based on the assessment of these analyses, the determined relations were transformed into appropriate indicators for environmental reporting and EMAS annual reports for selected branches of economic activity.
  2. In cooperation with the sponsor, Ministry of Environment Methodical Guidelines were created to identify standardised indicators for environmental reporting and EMAS annual reports. These Guidelines enabled the assessment of companies involved in specific branches and facilitate their assessment from the point of view of sustainable development. The Guidelines identified main environmental aspects which are common to virtually all companies involved in a specific branch (energy and water consumption, waste production etc.) and relevant indicators.
  3. A prototype of “open source” software was created, i.e. a web information system based on modern ICT to promote the calculation of standardised indicators system both for environmental reporting and for EMAS annual reports. This system was freely available for users (companies), and for users with established EMS or EMAS systems.

Other important information:

  • Funding: The project was supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic within the “Research Programme of the Ministry of Environment for 2007–2013”. The project is registered with the identifier SP/4I2/26/07.