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Grant projects Proposal of communication framework with international environmental information systems

Coordinator Coordinator: Hřebíček Jiří

Duration Duration: 2005–2007

Contracting authority Contracting authority: Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

Research project for the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

The project dealt with the issue of internet use within the international environmental cooperation. The research was focused on the application of modern ICT in the exchange of environmental information among the target groups in the Czech Republic and the international information systems of EU, OECD and UNEP, which are being developed at the present time.

The final opposition procedure took place on 6th December 2007. It was stated that the project’s objectives had been met and that the acquired finance resources had been spent responsibly.

  • Funding: The project was supported by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic within the programme “Environment and Protection of Natural Resources (TP1/DP4)”. The project is registered with the identifier SM/10/99/05.