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EU-funded projects Partnership and cooperation in the field of eHealth

Coordinator Coordinator: Blaha Milan

Duration Duration: 2012–2014

Development of the human potential in the areas of research and innovation, based on the postgraduate education of healthcare professionals, further education of research workers, as well as mutual cooperation among universities and research centres.

The main objective of the project was to get know-how and to share experience and information in the area of telemedicine; this would be done by establishing a new cooperation (or deepening an existing cooperation) with national and foreign workplaces and subjects. This objective was supported by the cooperation with experienced partners in this area and by several key activities. The project led to the establishment of the Czech National eHealth Center (NTMC) – a unique research facility dealing with eHealth in the Czech Republic which employs medical, technical and administrative staff focusing on the development of eHealth, telemedicine and assistive technologies. New knowledge, experience, partnerships etc. were obtained thanks to the participation at various meetings, conferences, talks, workshops, seminars and study visits both in the Czech Republic and abroad. All obtained knowledge was used for a further development of the centre and for raising the awareness about it; furthermore, this knowledge also disseminated to other workplaces, it was used to educate the project’s target groups, to perform research activities in the centre, to promote eHealth and telemedicine and, last but not least, to provide care to the centre’s patients via telemonitoring. Based on the obtained experience and knowledge, partnership was established with several national and foreign institutions, universities and companies, with the common aim of cooperation on joint grants, realisation of projects, cooperation in research, testing etc. These activities have continued even after the termination of the project.

  • Expert guarantor: Assoc. Prof. Miloš Táborský, MD, PhD (University Hospital Olomouc)
  • Funding: Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme (ECOP): Partnership and cooperation in the field of eHealth (CZ.1.07/2.4.00/17.0071)
  • Brief overview of results: you can find more detailed information – in Czech language only – on the website of the project