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MEFANET, the Czech-Slovak network of medical faculties, celebrated a jubilee

16.12.2016 | More information...

The pace of development and the tide of events are very relative terms. From the point of view of our planet or the life on Earth, ten years represent only a tiny fraction in a very long timeline. However, for the organism called MEFANET (MEdical FAculties NETwork), ten years proved to be a true evolution period, during which it became an important member of the European community dealing with medical education. Moreover, if we take into account that modern information and communication technologies play a key role in MEFANET activities, it is obvious that the days of MEFANET origin might seem as long ago as the century of steam, at least for our youngest colleagues.

Conference DRG Restart 2016: one more year to finish the project

14.11.2016 | More information...

The third year of conference dedicated to revitalisation of the Czech system of reimbursements of acute inpatient care was held on 9–10 November 2016 in the Prague Congress Centre. Representatives of healthcare providers and healthcare payers, health professionals and policymakers thus had yet another opportunity to get acquainted with the current state of the DRG Restart project and with the plans for the final year of its schedule.

Cancer care in the Vysočina Region is a good example for European countries

13.10.2016 IBA MU | More information...

The Masaryk University cooperates with two administrative regions of the Czech Republic, the Vysočina Region and the South Moravian Region, in their endeavour to develop a pilot model of Comprehensive Cancer Care Network, which can serve as a model of effective cancer care management. On 30 September 2016, the town of Jihlava hosted a meeting of healthcare professionals, the aim of which was to present the results of cooperation among cancer care facilities in both regions, as well as principles of functioning of the pilot model, which has been launched only recently.

Article by authors from IBA MU has been selected as a significant paper in Computers in Biology and Medicine

25.5.2016 | More information...

The article by authors from IBA MU, entitled „Practical use of medical terminology in curriculum mapping“ has been put among Meritorious Papers 2015 in the journal Computers in Biology and Medicine.

IBA MU in the year 2015

10.5.2016 | More information...

The following text (in Czech language) was published in the annual report of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, summing up the most important events and activities of IBA MU in the preceding year.

MEFANET 2015: new format of a traditional conference

5.1.2016 | More information...

The ninth year of the MEFANET conference saw several organisational changes, which might have been perceived either as a facelift by some people, or even as a new model by others. What remained, however, was the desire to share one’s own experience with modern approaches and technologies in the education of medical and health care disciplines, and to get new information and ideas from others.