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New registry of patients with achondroplasia

10.11.2015 | More information...

Achondroplasia is a rare genetic condition, which affects the normal growth of human skeleton. It is important for patients, their families and physicians to be able to connect and to share information. A new registry, entitled ReACH, has been developed in cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University (FM MU) and the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses of the Masaryk University (IBA MU).

New website

3.11.2015 | More information...

The newly redesigned website was launched in November 2015. The main objective of the new website is to provide an overview of clinical registries (research projects based on multicentre data collection) in which IBA MU is involved, usually as the providers of technological, informational and analytical background. Moreover, you can find there a lot of useful information about the development of clinical registries, data security, or related legislation, for example.

Looking back at the ECCD 2015 conference

5.10.2015 | More information...

A short video brings back the atmosphere of the 4th European Colorectal Cancer Days, a conference held in Brno (Czech Republic) on 29–30 May 2015. Among others, the video involves interesting observations of several invited speakers at the conference.

MEFANET 2015 Conference

16.9.2015 | More information...

9th international conference of Czech and Slovak faculties of medicine, focused on e-learning and medical informatics in the education of medical disciplines, Brno, 25–26 November 2015

The Czech Republic ranks among developed countries in cancer prevention

22.6.2015 | More information...

After many years of bad news, it seems that the Czech Republic is beginning to reap the benefits of the challenging fight against cancer. A programme of nationwide personalised invitations to cancer screening programmes has been launched, incidence trends of most cancer types – including the most common ones – have stabilised, and long-term survival rates of cancer patients have increased. Despite these encouraging facts, the Czech cancer care still faces challenges to be addressed, which might influence the lives of tens of thousands of current and future cancer patients.

Balance between the centralisation and availability of cancer care: Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses develops the European model of a Comprehensive Cancer Care Network

4.5.2015 IBA MU | More information...

The Czech Republic has become a key player in European activities focusing on the development and assessment of cancer care; the Cancer Control Joint Action (CanCon) undoubtedly belongs to the most prestigious ones. Based on the Czech information system of cancer care, the Czech Republic has been selected as a model country for the development of a Comprehensive Cancer Care Network (CCCN). This part of the CanCon project is coordinated by Prof Lucio Luzzatto from the Tumour Institute of Tuscany (Istituto Toscano Tumori, ITT), who paid a visit to Brno on 24 April 2015 not only to learn about the Czech results up to now, but also about cancer research and health care provided to cancer patients in the Czech Republic in general, and in the South Moravian Region in particular.

Brief summary of research and publication activities by IBA MU in 2014

14.4.2015 IBA MU | More information...

In 2014, the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses of the Masaryk University (IBA MU) continued in its long-term trend of analysing large amounts of data mainly from the clinical practice, participated significantly in the organisation of several conferences, and – last but not least – ensured teaching of undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science.

European Colorectal Cancer Days 2015

16.2.2015 | More information...

The fourth year of the traditional international conference focused on colorectal cancer prevention will be held on 29–30 May 2015 in Brno.

8th year of the MEFANET conference: virtual reality is breaking down barriers

8.1.2015 | More information...

With a slight overstatement, one could say that the 8th year of the MEFANET conference reached boundaries of the solar system, which can boast eight planets. In reality, ambitions of the Czech-Slovak cooperation in the area of medical education are more modest, but this year’s programme has demonstrated that the international cooperation surely extends beyond the former federal boundary of Czechoslovakia.