MEFANET 2018 conference

12th international conference of Czech and Slovak faculties of medicine and healthcare sciences, focused on e-learning and medical informatics in the education of medical disciplines

Main topics

  • Information and communication technologies and their application in the medical and health-care education:
    • telemedicine,
    • web-based image archives, educational portals,
    • multimedia and interactive teaching tools,
    • novel pedagogy approaches,
    • simulation in medical education.
  • Electronic support in the education of bachelor and master study programmes.
  • Information and communication technologies in lifelong learning of physicians and health-care professionals.
  • Quality assessment of digital information resources,
  • Methoology for effective creation and use of electronic teaching tools,
  • Legislation issues, intellectual property rights.

Apart from general aspects of e-learning, the conference will also be focused on the modern trends in medical and healthcare education, especially:

  • advanced simulation-based approach and technologies,
  • objective structured clinical evaluation.