MEFANET Journal launched

The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses of the Masaryk University (IBA MU) and the publishing house Facta Medica Ltd. take the liberty of announcing the launch of a new scholarly journal. The first issue of the MEFANET Journal – an official journal of the Czech and Slovak medical faculties network MEFANET – was released at the end of July 2013.

It has been a long time since the role of ICT in the medical education was a topic for a group of enthusiasts and volunteers only. E-learning, multimedia and interactive simulations have become an integral part of education in medicine and other sciences. A journal focusing on these issues, however, has until now been missing among Czech and Slovak scholarly journals. The MEFANET Journal has been launched in order to fill this gap and to provide health professionals with information on the latest development in medical education, both from pedagogical and technological point of view.

The MEFANET Journal (abbrev. MEFANET J) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal which aims to present recent research and findings in the field of application of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) in medical education, as well as in medicine as a whole. The journal follows the tradition of former MEFANET Reports, which were educational post-conference proceedings of the annual MEFANET conference in years 2008–2012 and contained selected conference contributions in an extended form (see also conference website).

The pilot issue of the MEFANET J involves four original articles, one review, and a report from the last-year MEFANET conference. The journal is available both in printed and electronic form; its on-line version and detailed information about the journal are available at The issues will be published twice a year and we cordially invite colleagues and authors to submit their papers for the publication in the MEFANET J.