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Medical informatics

IBA FM MU’s Division of Information and Communication Technologies develops complex systems for clinical data collection, validation and analysis, using both local and web-based technologies. At the present time, IBA FM MU guarantees several tens medical registries and research projects, including several international ones. The division also performs extensive expert, expertise and connoisseur activities focused on hospital information systems, data storage and PACS, medical registries and related legislation. Apart from the development and publication activities within dozens of pending projects the division directly ensures implementation of solutions for the end users (expert medical organisations, health care organisations, institutes?). The division incorporates a help desk, which provides support for users.

The scientific-research activities of the division focus on:

  • Methods of mining data from medical databases
  • Methods of artificial intelligence
  • Expert systems in medicine and their development
  • Development of multi-centric solution for data collection (registry)
  • Methods of data mining and subsequent processing of data (data storage)
  • Algorithms for digital signal and image processing

In education the division organises university courses on medical informatics. There is an expert group within the division, which professionally guarantees the work of the RITM (Council for Information Technologies in Medicine) at the MU's Faculty of Medicine. RITM consists of representatives of faculty hospitals, academic institutions and clinics within projects focused on IT. The key sense of the existence of RITM is to ensure development of teaching of medicine in the field of modern informational and communication technologies, while the main field of work of RITM is coordination and realisation of faculty, university and cross-university development projects related to teaching.