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Environmental informatics

In the field of environmental informatics, IBA FM MU cooperates with the Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment of the MU. Both institutes, therefore, integrate their research and teaching activities.

Research interest and activities of the Division of Environmental Informatics and Modelling include mainly environmental information systems and assessment of ecological and human risks. These are mainly systems for collection, aggregation, processing and visualisation of data and information about the environment, and systems of environmental management and communication. The division is also concerned with modelling and prediction of environmental issues and their relation to other fields of human activity, such as industry, means of transport or health care. A significant part of research work of the division is the analysis of environmental data and modelling of processes in this area, the diversity assessment of biological communities and a general analysis of data from environmental biomonitoring. The division is also concerned with the application of geographic information systems in the ecological risk assessment.

As for the teaching activities, the division organises university courses and courses on environmental informatics and ecological risk assessment. It also participates in e-learning projects, where it focuses on multimedia teaching tools and on the improvement of barrier-free e-learning for disabled students.