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Summer schools on Computational Biology

The summer schools on Computational Biology are expected to encourage the collaboration among professors, young scientists as well as students of computational biology. Students can participate in informal discussions about novel methods in their field of study and some of them seize this ideal opportunity to the presentation of their own results to the audience. An active contribution of advanced students makes a substantial part of the summer schools programme.

IBA has initiated a yearly tradition of informal summer schools focused on various aspects of computational science in biology and biomedicine:

  • 2005 – Computational Biology
  • 2006 – Predictive Modelling and ICT in Environmental Epidemiology
  • 2007 – Processing and Analysis of Biodiversity Data: from Genomic Diversity to Ecosystem Structure
  • 2008 – Statistical Methods for Genetic and Molecular Data
  • 2009 – Analysis of Clinical and Biomedical Data in an Interdisciplinary Approach (in Czech)
  • 2010 – Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling in Biology and Medicine
  • 2011 – Biodiversity: from Genetics to Geography, from Mathematics to Management
  • 2012 – From Analysis of Genomic Data to Clinical Applications – Case Studies
  • 2013 – Stochastic Modelling in Epidemiology
  • 2014 – Image Data Analysis and Processing in Neuroscience
  • 2015 – Data pre-processing in database systems and R, algoritmisation and programming tools for data processing
  • 2016 – National health statistics – methodology, results and their presentation
  • 2017 – Data processing, visualization, and mining from the perspective of decision-making processes
  • 2018 – Analysis of clinical and epidemiological data from data preprocessing to visualization of results