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Web studio

IBA MU web studio is able to cover all services in the field of internet presentation and graphics. A high-quality and well-conceived internet presentation is highly important for the first impression. It provides the first and crucial contact with the client. Our web studio does not only deal with the graphics of the presentation, but with the whole process of presentation creation. The following four criteria must be met when creating a presentation:

  • Visibility - optimization for web browsers (SEO)
  • Accessibility - no barriers, correct display
  • Usability - benefits for the user, user friendliness
  • Copywriting - style of the texts, influence on SEO

Our web studio has a sufficient number of skilled programmes, coders, graphic designers and testers, who are able to deal even with difficult internet projects, not only with simple internet presentations. The most frequently used technologies include PHP and .NET with their respective database connections (including Oracle) and selected internet technologies.

A web application can have the form of a simple computational module, a special calculator or a order form, connected with a database. For larger applications, we usually create a special end-user interface (front office) and editors/administrators interface (back office).

Contact: Daniel Schwarz, Ph.D.