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Web design

The joint workplace of IHIS CR and IBA MU provides comprehensive services in terms of webdesign and graphics:


  • static websites
  • portals and systems for education support
  • interactive visualisation of data
  • e-commerce solutions
  • conference systems
  • tailored web-based applications

Graphics and editing

  • redrawing graphics into vectors
  • development of static schemes as well as dynamic animations
  • design of visual styles and logotypes
  • preparation of posters and roll-ups
  • prepress
  • proofreading and translation

A high-quality and well-conceived internet presentation is highly important for the first impression. It provides the first and crucial contact with the client. We deal not only  with the graphics of the presentation, but with the whole process of presentation creation. We have a sufficient number of skilled programmes, coders, graphic designers and testers, who are able to deal even with difficult internet projects, not only with simple internet presentations.

A selection of our projects is available in the section Websites and portals.

Our team

Martin Komenda, PhD
Head of Web Design, analyst
Radim Kučera, MSc
graphic designer
Markéta Soukupová, MSc
graphic designer
Jakub Gregor, PhD
Lenka Šnajdrová PhD
Roman Vyškovský, MSc
database specialist
Zdeněk Loula
web design
Jakub Ščavnický, MSc
Vojtěch Bulhart
Matěj Karolyi, MSc
SW developer
Petr Panoška
SW developer
Ivo Šnábl
SW developer