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Health registries

The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University (IBA FM MU) develops and runs complex systems for the collection, validation and analysis of clinical data, using both local and online technologies. At present, IBA FM MU guarantees dozens of health registries and research projects, many of which are international.

IBA FM MU is able to guarantee the design, development, implementation and management of software in the domain of health informatics. In particular, this involves systems for a multicentre collection of data, including modules for data analysis and subsequent visualisation. A centre for user support (help desk) is part of the provided IT services; help desk also significantly contributes to putting the developed solutions into operation and professionalising them from the end users’ point of view.

The IBA FM MU research team has many years’ experience with the development and implementation of clinical registries, i.e. systems for data collection on persons who suffer from a certain disease, from a congenital disorder, or are under medical supervision for another reason. Hence we are able to provide professional services and conditions required by these projects: we offer complex services consisting particularly in the study/registry design, eCRF proposal, creation of a solution, technical support, reporting, monitoring and statistical analysis – not only in the Czech Republic, but on an international level, too. Our systems meet the highest demands, both legislative (compliance with e-Privacy, HIPAA, PIPEDA) and technological (professional server room with UPS, 24/7/365 monitoring and 99.99% availability). You can read more information on our projects on the website

Contact person: Ing. Petr Brabec