Contract research

In compliance with its foundation charter and organization rules, the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses provides services in all priority areas of its work (data analysis, software development, information technologies, clinical trials). The offer of services to external subjects conforms to the published offer of IBA, organizational rules of IBA and superior directives of the Masaryk University. The price of these services is agreed between the parties and is set in the concluded contract.

The offer of services for external subjects is not intended for academic sites and members of academic community of the Masaryk University. IBA performs no commercial activities within the Masaryk University and provides its services in compliance with rules common for the academic cooperation (pedagogic cooperation, consulting services, cooperation on grant tasks from academic agencies, etc.).

Requests from academic sites of the founder faculties of IBA have higher priority than requests from other subjects.

IBA charges no fee for services provided to students of Masaryk University within teaching activities (consulting, courses, exercises, study materials etc.).